MADEIT Fashion Week : FOLD

Today is the 6th day of MADEIT Fashion Week, and it's my turn to show you what I've made!! 

I chose to make the Petal Fold separates, just because!
Don't you love it?? 

Every pattern in this collection is infused with fine details, that make each piece truly unique! Nothing in this collection will bore you. I promise!!!

Hehe. Sorry for the crumply fabric! I didn't have time to iron. But still looks awesome right??? 

For the photoshoot, we played with water color and lots and lots of paper! Erin had so much fun, all she wanted was to play. I couldn't get decent photos of the garment! lol.

But I'm glad i was able to get these sweet photos of Erin and Kurt.

I'm regretting that i did not let Kurt show off his Book Fold Trousers in these photos! Go check out the pattern, it's awesome!

During fashion week Madeit is offering 20% off the collection, take your change!

But they`re also giving away a Madeit Pattern a day
Here’s how you can win…
all you have to do is correctly answer a question related to the Fashion Show that Olu of Needle and Ted will post on Facebook or Instagram at random times of the day. The first person who correctly answers the question will win a pattern of their choice from the FOLD Collection.
And this is how you can win a €50 NOSH voucher…
All you have to do is leave a comment on Needle and Ted on day 7 of Fashion Week (Sunday 6 September) letting Olu know what the highlights of the Fashion Shows were for you. She will pick a winner from the comments and the winner will be notified by email the following week.
And there is  another giveaway on Instagram to win the other €50 Nosh voucher. Look out for the prompt.
I hope you are as excited I am, here is the complete list of shows to keep
your eye open for…

Saturday 5 September

Sunday 6 September

Round Up and Reviews:



  1. Beautiful pictures, love the subtle brightness and the editing. Your Separates outfit is just gorgeous, the fabric on the center panel just ties everything together. <3

  2. That jewel fabric in the middle is soooo cool! Ironed or not! :D And I don't blame her for a second playing with all those fun paper fortune tellers!

  3. Such sweet photos - and lovely fabrics too!

  4. Awww, thats so cute Diorella. Your fabrics are really lovely and your photos are gorgeous! Thanks so much for taking part your outfit is beautiful :)

  5. Such cute photos! And I love how the panel matches the pockets. Perfect!

  6. Love this outfit, such beautiful choice of fabrics. Your pictures are great. Especially the last two. Awwww!!!

    Thank you so much for being part of Madeit Fashion Week.

  7. You did an amazing job on this! And those photos are the sweetest! I'm so impressed with all of it!

  8. Love the outfit. Blue and yellow is just so good!