Another Charlie

Another Charlie i made in a smaller size. If want to make your own Charlie, i am doing a giveaway here!! You have 3 more days to enter!! :)


Meet Charlie

Hello! Today, Farrah from Mingo and Grace is releasing her first pattern, the Charlie dress!  

I found out about Farrah as i was browsing through the Stylo magazine. I was immediately drawn to her style and looked her up. That's when i found her blog, and saw her call for testers! Of course, without thinking, i signed up! Nevermind that i had board exam in a month that i had to study for. And nevermind that my model was living 2339744km away. Kidding, hehe.

I really love Charlie! It's beautiful. Simple, stylish, and comfortable! The the instructions are well written, and her illustrations are so professional. You can read more about it here.

The pattern is available in her shop. And from today until June 31, you can use the code CHARLIEFRIEND to get $2 off the pattern! ORRR you can try to win it! 

The giveaway will be open for a week! Goodluck!