Just Add Details

Hi!! Today I'm posting about a little sewing challenge - JUST ADD DETAILS - arranged by Olu of Needle and Ted. She sent us a copy of the Ziggy Top pattern - a basic(i love basics!) oversized boxy top, a perfect blank canvas for ideas -  and we had to JUST ADD DETAILS. ;) 

When she contacted me to be part of the challenge, i almost passed on on the opportunity because i  had lots to do. But after some thinking i thought i just couldn't say no to this. 

I was really nervous about this challenge. When i had spare time, i planned and searched for inspiration. But nothing was coming into my head, no ideas, no nothing. And so 2 days before the challenge i just grabbed whatever fabric i think would be nice - I loved the color of this taupe jersey knit fabric. An exposed zipper would be nice, so I grabbed a zipper that i think would compliment(or contrast) the fabric, and sewed it on the back. After i had sewed it on, it just looked too plain. I had thought of different color blocking patterns, but had to settle with a simple band on the bottom. The fabric was tooooo soft and was just so hard to sew. :(

Anyways, I think i am pleased with the final result. A minimalist top that's not too boring. (maybe)

Want to make your own Ziggy? Perfect! The Ziggy will be 20% off for one whole week! (March 23- 29) :)

You can grab the pattern here. And while you're there, be sure to check out their other patterns!! I'm sure you would love their classy and modern style!

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