FREE PATTERN : Isabella Shirt

Hi guys! Today i have a free pattern to share with you!

Introducing... the Isabella Shirt!! 

I started sewing this shirt way back in 2013 when I couldn't justify paying a couple bucks for a PDF pattern. Ha! I was just getting started into sewing for myself, and didn't want to dish out money for something I might not ever use again.. you know, if I decided sewing wasn't my thang?? haha. Now I own a ton of patterns I have yet to sew!!

Anyway.. back to the Isabella. I based this pattern off from a favorite RTW shirt of mine! I made three shirts once I had the pattern traced. They are great summer staples, and are also great under a blazer or cardigan for chillier days. Can be made casual or dressy, depending on your fabric choice. Really, you can't go wrong with this pattern. :) 

I love this pattern so much, i thought you would too! I digitized the pattern to share with you guys. Unfortunately though, this isn't graded and only comes in one size. It will probably only fit a XS-S frame. :(

I don't have the instructions ready for you yet, but if we wait for that it might take months(or never) before i could share this with you. Publishing this blog post alone already took me 2 years! Haha. (I had the pattern ready in 2014, but was too lazy to write about it.)

So, after 2 years of procrastination, i offer you the Isabella Shirt! <-that a="" download="" is="" link="" lol="" p="">

You can see a sample of the shirt I made here.

I wont have the instructions ready for you anytime soon, but I will try! I can't promise. LOL.

PLEASE READ BEFORE PRINTING!! Here are some tips to help get you by without the complete/detailed instructions. 

- I don't have a print scale check box thingy, but please make sure to print at 100% or actual size.
- The pattern pieces do not have borders or markers(but i might update it), please try your best to line up the pages and cut the left and top parts equally, use the first page as guide.
- Please cut along the outer lines. That is the pattern piece with seam and hem allowance included.
- Please fold twice 3/8" for the hem. :) 
- Fold twice 1" for the button placket.
- Please use the inner lines as guide as to how your finished garment should look like.
- Use bias tape for the arm holes.
- Use 6 buttons, and space them equally throughout the button placket.

That's all, I guess.

Happy sewing! :)