Today when i woke up i was feeling really really lazyyyy. I didn't wanna go the site visit we planned to go to. But Bino pushed us to go, so i became sipag and i ligo and i bihis and i ales naaa. And i excited to go with our friendssss. hihi.

Sandy and i met at UST at about 2 or 3 pm. Then we rode a Lawton jeepney and went down and rode a Pier jeepney. :))) HAHAHA. We are weird girlsss.

We wen't down at Manila Cathedral, and it is a very very nice nice cathedral, but i wasn't able to take a picture. hihi. We wanted to enter the Palacio del Chuchu, but we weren't allowed because Sandy was wearing shorts. :(( So arte that place!!!

So we decided to libot libot nalang. We went to Fort Santiago, it is where Rizal died! Gosh. We rode the kalesa and saw stuffssss. =))

I got really really tired so we ales ales na. hahaha. We decided to go to trinoma and watch a movie. <3 we bought nail polish and highlighter! tama ba? lols.

Ayun laaaang. We didn't get to be with our other friends and classmates because i don't knowww. :(( Basta i know that i am happy because i got to be with Sandy my pretty pretty bebe.

I'll leave you with some pictures. hihi.

OK. byeee!

Gulliver's Travels

This is a cool movie. <3 hihi.