MADEIT Fashion Week : FOLD

Today is the 6th day of MADEIT Fashion Week, and it's my turn to show you what I've made!! 

I chose to make the Petal Fold separates, just because!
Don't you love it?? 

Every pattern in this collection is infused with fine details, that make each piece truly unique! Nothing in this collection will bore you. I promise!!!

Hehe. Sorry for the crumply fabric! I didn't have time to iron. But still looks awesome right??? 

For the photoshoot, we played with water color and lots and lots of paper! Erin had so much fun, all she wanted was to play. I couldn't get decent photos of the garment! lol.

But I'm glad i was able to get these sweet photos of Erin and Kurt.

I'm regretting that i did not let Kurt show off his Book Fold Trousers in these photos! Go check out the pattern, it's awesome!

During fashion week Madeit is offering 20% off the collection, take your change!

But they`re also giving away a Madeit Pattern a day
Here’s how you can win…
all you have to do is correctly answer a question related to the Fashion Show that Olu of Needle and Ted will post on Facebook or Instagram at random times of the day. The first person who correctly answers the question will win a pattern of their choice from the FOLD Collection.
And this is how you can win a €50 NOSH voucher…
All you have to do is leave a comment on Needle and Ted on day 7 of Fashion Week (Sunday 6 September) letting Olu know what the highlights of the Fashion Shows were for you. She will pick a winner from the comments and the winner will be notified by email the following week.
And there is  another giveaway on Instagram to win the other €50 Nosh voucher. Look out for the prompt.
I hope you are as excited I am, here is the complete list of shows to keep
your eye open for…

Saturday 5 September

Sunday 6 September

Round Up and Reviews:



Pleat Fold Top

Have you seen Made-it Patterns' new collection, FOLD ? Stunning, right?

I was lucky enough to be a tester for a couple of their patterns in this collection. This one I'm going to show you is the Pleat Fold Top.

It’s the little touches that are key when it comes to this beautiful, easy to sew strappy top. Asymmetrical pleating at the neckline adds an unconventional touch and it’s your choice whether you choose a fully shirred band at the hemline or a delicate trim. Both add that certain je ne sais quoi.

Haha. No, those aren't my words. It's the description of the pattern in their shop. :P

Like most of their patterns, the top comes in sizes 2-10, which is too bad because I really want this top for myself! Doesn't she just look so grown up in this ensemble?

Shorts is Striped Swallow's Coachella Shorts.

This week, from Aug 31-Sept 6, Olu and Anna are hosting a virtual fashion show!! During fashion week, all patterns from the FOLD Collection will be 20%  off. Not only that, they are giving away a free pattern each day for the whole duration of the Fashion Week. And at the last day of the Show, one lucky winner will receive a €50 NOSH voucher!!!

You can read all the details on how to participate in Olu's blog.


Urban Garden Dress and Tank

OHeya! Just recently I tested the Urban Garden Dress and Tank. Heeeeh. It's the newest pattern by Sew Straight and Gather. Fun pattern, with such a wide range of sizes! It's such a classic style, it can be worn by toddlers and teens. :)

Terri is such an awesome person, It's so fun testing for her. :P I am so glad she's extending her sizes! It's my first time sewing up a pattern from her, and I am impressed! Her pattern is so professionally made.

The sizing is spot on. :) I love it! It's my first time sewing up with knit for myself, and I am hooked. This dress almost feels like it's store bought. Or maybe I'm just not used to sewing with knits. lol.

I love this dress so much, I always find myself reaching for it after it has been washed. I am sure you'll love it too!

Grab your copy in the Shop now! The pattern is on sale for only $6 until the 22nd. :)



Recently, Dixie from DixieDIY released a new dress pattern. The BONNELL dress!! And i was lucky enough to test for her.

It's the perfect summer dress! Features a jewel neckline, V-neck in the back (which i sadly didn't take photos of!), invisible zip, and my most favorite part, side cut-outs! There's actually a very similar dress from somewhere that I've been eyeing for sometime,  i just got so excited when i saw Dixie announce her new pattern!

The cut-outs make it look complicated, but it's actually a very easy sew! The hardest part, i guess, is installing the invisible zip, its my weakness! lol. The instructions we're thoroughly written, and will guide you through every step. You wont get lost, i promise. Hehe.

The inside of this dress is very clean because both the bodice and the waistband are lined! I love it.

I'm will surely make a couple more of this, and maybe omit the side cut-outs because I'm sure it'll still look lovely without them. The bodice is such a nice shape.

Thanks for having me, Dixie!


Free Bow Pattern!!

Hi!! Today i have a free pattern for you!! 
A simple classic bow for your little one!!

You can get the free pattern here.

First, gather your supplies.
You will need:

1. 4"x12" of fabric
2. 1"x 2" of fabric
3. Hot glue
4. Elastic

Cut out the pattern piece. Stitch about 1/4" from edge of the sides but leave about an inch and a half opening on the middle. Turn. Press if you want, i didn't. :P

Fold this way, and stitch along the middle.

Pinch this way, and put a dab of hot glue in between those little folds. 

Fold the rectangular piece of fabric and wrap around the middle. Hot glue into place and cut off excess fabric. You could also choose to hand stitch, if you want.

Cut two lengths of elastic. One 16" and 1.5". Zigzag stitch on the ends of the longer piece. Wrap it with the shorter piece, and put a dab of hot glue.

Attach the bow and you're done!!

Here's the finished result.
Cute isn't it?? 

This will take about 15 minutes to make. Now what are you waiting for? Get all your scraps and start making them bows!! ;P

Thanks for stopping by!!!


Just Add Details

Hi!! Today I'm posting about a little sewing challenge - JUST ADD DETAILS - arranged by Olu of Needle and Ted. She sent us a copy of the Ziggy Top pattern - a basic(i love basics!) oversized boxy top, a perfect blank canvas for ideas -  and we had to JUST ADD DETAILS. ;) 

When she contacted me to be part of the challenge, i almost passed on on the opportunity because i  had lots to do. But after some thinking i thought i just couldn't say no to this. 

I was really nervous about this challenge. When i had spare time, i planned and searched for inspiration. But nothing was coming into my head, no ideas, no nothing. And so 2 days before the challenge i just grabbed whatever fabric i think would be nice - I loved the color of this taupe jersey knit fabric. An exposed zipper would be nice, so I grabbed a zipper that i think would compliment(or contrast) the fabric, and sewed it on the back. After i had sewed it on, it just looked too plain. I had thought of different color blocking patterns, but had to settle with a simple band on the bottom. The fabric was tooooo soft and was just so hard to sew. :(

Anyways, I think i am pleased with the final result. A minimalist top that's not too boring. (maybe)

Want to make your own Ziggy? Perfect! The Ziggy will be 20% off for one whole week! (March 23- 29) :)

You can grab the pattern here. And while you're there, be sure to check out their other patterns!! I'm sure you would love their classy and modern style!

Be sure to check out all the other amazing creations here. You'll be wowed by the unique possibilities, all from one pattern!